About me

Looking at myself I first see a mother of a beautiful boy, then a person who chose a path in life, which is Yoga. Besides of that, I think of my education in psychology.

Before i found my place in Haarlem, I have traveled widely. Wherever I went, I tried to see how people understood and practiced yoga. In my journeys I learned that being a teacher means that I will learn all my life. The beauty in Yoga is sharing your knowledge with others and exchanging each other’s wisdom.


I believe in private meetings, not only because of the comfort and personal attention they allow, but also because of the possibility of becoming connected. In addition, I can spend time on trying to understand you, getting to know your mind and body .

My way of teaching is looking at what you need, not what I want. Yoga is the perfect way of getting to know yourself and finding yourself in this world.

I will be happy to show you how Come on over to try a Free private lesson or get information about my private Yoga lessons in Haarlem.